March 10, 2012


Three weeks, three people. One design.
With these parameters, an architect, industrial designer and a silversmith set out to design, develop and make a limited edition product for the You Are Here curated festival held in New Acton, Canberra 10 March 2012.


Each object from this limited edition set has been individually made by hand and meticulously finished. The bowl is hand raised from a flat sheet of aluminium and the spoon hand forged from an extruded aluminium rod. Both objects have been anodised in bold colours for strength, durability and are food safe. Due to the hand made nature of these objects, each has individual surface variations characteristic of their construction process. The box is constructed in Australian birch ply. Initially modelled in 3D, each component is CNC routered, hand sanded and waxed with beeswax for a natural and durable finish.


Designed as a unified set, each piece relates to and relies on one another. As housed objects, the bowl and spoon are suspended inside the box. Once removed they are positioned on the top surface where they can sit in differing positions allowing for a range of uses. Each piece has been individually made by hand, the bowl and spoon from anodised aluminium and the box from birch ply.